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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Who's the Daddy ?.....Sunday sessions 5...

So another month another Sunday session......
And this time from one of my favorite Pirate Revival Dj's....
Balearica in a box..... Pure old school ...And we love him for it!!!

Welcome Ian (The Daddy) Calver......

Now for the

First.... you can check him every Tuesday on Pirate Revival (If you ain't checked it out do so as Tuesdays are the new Fridays....You even have simultaneous web cam action at

Also check his website......


Thursday, 10 September 2009


So 2 sunday sessions in a month...... You lucky people ;)

And what another cracker it is....
This time by an old mate of mine Dj Dax... Resident Dj for RECLAIM THE BEATS @ The Bunker Club... (Deptford - South London)
If you're every down Deptford way check-em won't be disappointed ;)

Also check his myspace page for other exclusive mixes of the more pumping variety......

So to the main event.....

And its time to get ready to be transported into the wonderful world of Dj Dax's....
Sunday Meltdown......

Enjoy...wigid ;)

1. david axelrod - holy thursday vadim - milwaukee
3.kid gusto - que passo ray
4.Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66 - For What It's Worth Brazil 66
5.shuggie otis - strawberry letter 23
6.small faces - ogden nut gone flake
7.brain bennett - discovery
8.lemon jelly - oats
9.kathleen emery - some times i feel like a motherless
child(quantic mix)
10.freddie cruger - the way you look at me
11.air - modulor mix
12.primal scream - last train
13.will powers-adventures in success dub
14.will powers-adventures in success
15.???????????????????????????. charles - i bet you look good on the dancefloor
17.donna summer - love to love you 12" mix
18.kid loco - a grand love theme

Remember to download both parts to open .rar file ......

Friday, 4 September 2009


At last!!! The Sunday Sessions are back ......And first up this month i have a mix by Brighton based Dj and fellow blogger Tim Rivers...
Tim is one of the regular Dj's on the brilliant Old Skool Internet radio station Pirate Revival... So check out his "Warm Sounds" show...
from 6.00-8.00 pm (gmt) On alternate Tuesdays.
Also check his fabulous blog dedicated to all things Old Skool @...

Thanks again to Tim for a spot on session.... well worth the wait matey !!!
Enjoy wigid ;)


01. The Doves - Compulsion
02. Fleetwood Mac - Brown Eyes
03. Chilled by Nature - Otherness
04. Mariee Sioux - Love Song
05. Icasol - Ongou
06. Chocolate Milk - Time Machine
07. Phoreski - Shellin Out
08. Laughing Light of Plenty - The Rose
09. Studio - Escape from Chinatown
10. Rhythm Doctor - Bones
11. Max Essa - Slo mo Sapien
12. Iya Santana - Instrumental Odyssey

Monday, 3 August 2009

Part Of The Weekend Never Dies........

Hour long documentary about life on the road with Soulwax/2 Many Dj's........

Enjoy .... wigid ;)

Friday, 31 July 2009

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Hang All Dj's Pt.2

The second volume of the 'hang all dj's' series is more of a well chosen mixed compilation than a collection of bootlegs/mashups. Soulwax have chosen very few tracks from curent artists (Dexter, Kiki, Spiller, Agent Sumo, Copyright, Standards, Angie Martinez.), and instead pulled some choice tracks from the disco era, plus the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

Their craft is in the weave that they use to pull it all together. The attention to detail and the odd items used in transitions are what make Soulwax unique among artists putting together left-field compilations. Stuff is not added just for the sake of it. Every element seems to have its place in the finished product, and the feel is never cluttered.

Review from -

Hang All Dj's Pt.2.....

01 Unknown Artist - Intro (1:02)

02 SpilleR - Cry Baby (Original Version) (1:17)

03 Freeez - I.O.U. (1:45)

04 Agent Sumo - Ain't Got Time (1:35)

05 Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto* - The Robots (1:22)

06 Sonic Youth - Kool Thing (2:11)

07 Jackson 5 - Ain't No Sunshine (1:39)

08 Copyright - Concepts (1:43)

09 The Clash - The Guns Of Brixton (1:09)

10 S.O.S. Band - Just Be Good To Me (1:18)

11 Dexter - Mr. Blunt (0:48)

12 Grand Funk Railroad - Nothing Is The Same (1:03)

13 The Rolling Stones - Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadow (1:25)

14 Prodigy - The Poison (0:37)

15 Unknown Artist - DJ Links (0:14)

16 Madonna - Music (Funked Up Mix) (1:53)

17 Chaka Khan - I Feel For You (Soulwax Remix) (1:52)

18 Standards - Here We Go (0:57)

19 The B-52's - Red Leather (1:39)

20 Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Demo Version) (2:12)

21 The 2 Live Crew - Live (0:36)

22 The Chemical Brothers - Come With Us (1:28)

23 Angie Martinez - Dem Thangz (1:33)

24 The Human League - Being Boiled (1:59)

25 James Brown - Hot Pants (0:43)

26 Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Enola Gay (0:53)

27 The B-52's - Private Idaho (1:02)

28 Devo - Girl U Want (1:07)

29 Monsoon - Ever So Lonely (0:50)

30 P. Diddy , Black Rob , Mark Curry - Bad Boy For Life (1:29)

31 Inner City - Good Life (Soulwax Remix) (1:58)

32 Killing Joke - S.O. 36 (0:36)

33 Coda (4) - Honky Tonk Woman (0:58)

34 Spiller - Cry Baby (Röyksopp Remix) (1:51)

35 Bertrand Burgalat - Au Cyclades Electronique (Tommy Hools Remix) (1:24)

36 AIR - Don't Be Light (The Hacker Remix) (1:41)

37 Dead Or Alive - U Spin Me Right Round (1:52)

38 Cerrone - Supernature (1:12)

39 Adam And The Ants - Stand And Deliver (1:36)

40 The Chemical Brothers - Under The Influence (1:29)

41 Manuel Mind & Valentino Tomasi - Strange Sounds (0:59)

42 Robert Palmer - Best Of Both Worlds (1:28)

43 Anti E.P. - If I Gave You A Party (1:38)

44 Kiki - Hot (1:42)

45 Elliott Smith - Los Angeles (2:04)

46 Glenn Miller - Moonlight Serenade (1:23)


A thank you costs nothing .... But means everything! ......
Enjoy wigid ;)

Friday, 17 July 2009

Hang All Dj's Pt.1

Stephen and David, the 2 guys who as Soulwax produce a radio show which spawned five volumes of 2 many dj's compilations, have begun a new series called 'hang all dj's.'

Before you read any further, I am telling you that this is fantastic. While some folks have recently started jibing the 2 many dj's series as having too much music of the moment, 'hang all dj's' is filled with classic rock and hiphop gathered and used in very clever and respectful ways. It is not an electroclash album.

The songs used in this sixty three minute compilation spanning 42 songs make full appearances - they are not just tasted upon in a Stars On 45 way, as Trevor Jackson did in his (excellent) Playgroup Party Mix CD. The songs on 'hang all dj's' sound as if they are in their original form - until you look deeper and realize that they have been completely reinvented as new tracks.

Review Taken from :

Hang All Dj's Pt. 1....

1 Intro (0:33)

2 Blake Baxter vs. Harry Truman Work It Out (1:55)

3 Steve Miller Band Abracadabra (1:13)

4 Skymoo Always & Forever (Felix Da Housecat Remix) (1:33)

5 Polyester J'aime Regarder Les Mecs (2:06)

6 Velvet Underground, The Waiting For The Man (1:19)

7 Felix Da Housecat Control Freaq (0:56)

8 Romantics, The Talking In Your Sleep (1:37)

9 Groove Armada Disco Insert (1:37)

10 DJ Excel Party Mix (1:39)

11 Zongamin Tunnel Music (0:37)

12 Prince Controversy (0:52)

13 Reel 2 Real I Like To Move It (1:23)

14 Bros When Will I Be Famous (0:59)

15 AC/DC vs. Missy Elliott Freak Rock (2:06)

16 Mekon Please Stay (Röyksopp Remix) (1:56)

17 Eberhard Schoener Featuring Police, The Why Don't You Answer (1:33)

18 Jess & Crabbe Tribute To Billy Ocean (1:49)

19 Birdy Oiseau Bleu (1:26)

20 Flirts, The Passion (1:04)

21 E=Mc2 Don't Hold Back (1:03)

22 Herbie The Drug Cop Hancock's Rockit (1:17)

23 Disco Kings, The Kiss The King (1:14)

24 Lemon Jelly The Staunton Lick (1:16)

25 Eric Matthews Fanfare (1:15)

26 Beach Boys, The Featuring Busta Rhymes & Missy Elliott Freak Woo-Haa Vibrations (3:12)

27 Undertones, The My Perfect Cousin (1:36)

28 Toni Basil Hey Mickey (1:05)

29 Beny More & Perez Prado Babarabatiri (0:52)

30 Stone Roses, The Fools Gold (2:24)

31 Soul Grabber Soul Grabber Pt.3 (0:56)

32 Afrika Lady Planet Resolution Rock (1:15)

33 Lords Of Acid I Sit On Acid (Soulwax Remix) (1:26)

34 2 Live Crew, The Me So Horny (1:26)

35 Vanessa Paradis Gotta Have It (2:07)

36 Human League, The Nightclubbing (1:18)

37 Girls On Top Being Scrubbed (1:42)

38 James Brown Funky Drummer (0:24)

39 Frank De Jojo Turn Off The Light (1:17)

40 Steve Miller Band Fly Like An Eagle (2:15)

41 Danmass Happy Here (Instrumental) (3:55)

42 Kurupt It's Over (1:06)

A thank you costs nothing .... But means everything! ......
Enjoy wigid ;)

Ps. Hang All Dj's Pt. 2-5 coming soon.........

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Electro Mash-up

Sorry for the lack of posts recently...Have been sorting loads of stuff out and have had no time 

But now thats all sorted (Hoooraaay) things should get back to normal round here :)

And first up is something i found lurking at the bottom of of an old box of stuff...
Its an Old Skool Electro Mash-up i did way back in 1999...
Featuring about 10 old skool tracks compressed into 7 minutes
so take a listen see if you can name all the tracks used (and post them in comments)
and remember its just for fun ......

Enjoy wigid...

Friday, 8 May 2009

problem with SUNDAY FUNK SESSION .rar .... resolved ;)

All sorted :) Happy downloading ....


Problem with SUNDAY FUNK SESSION .rar ....

It has come to my attention that the "SUNDAY SESSIONS PT 2 " .RAR file is corrupt....
this is being rectified as we speak... sorry to everyone who has downloaded so far ...
I will let you all know when it is all sorted ...
sorry again... 
Wigid :(

Sunday, 3 May 2009


So here it is... SUNDAY SESSIONS PT 2

This month is another session by myself. 
And in the words of Jimmy Castor ...
"What we're gonna do right here is go back....Way back ...Back into time"
With an hour long  excursion to Planet Funk ....
 So get your dancing shoes on... and get ready to bust some serious moves to some serious tunes... Funk for the folk. Ya'll

Enjoy... wigid ;)


1. Intro - Jimmy Castor
2. Product Efficiency - Johnny Pearson
3. Hung up - Salt
4. Hot, Funky and Sweaty - The Soul Lifters
5. Keep it up - Olympic Runners
6. Cosmic Sea - The Mystic Moods
7. Soul Travelin' - The Gary Byrd Experience
8. The Basic - Milk
9. Jungle Fever - Chakachas
10. Tatou Strip Tease - Michel Audiard
11. If it ain't Funky - The Soul Searchers
12. Free Your Mind - The Politicians
13. Get up and Dance - Eddie Harris
14. Funk for the Folk - The Soul Searchers
15. Humpty Dump - The Vibrettes
16. Black skinned blue eyed boys - The Equals
17. You got to have a job (If you don't can't eat) - Marva Whitney and James Brown
18. I rolled it you hold it - The Soul Searchers
19. Blow your whistle - The Soul Searchers
20. Keep on Dancing - The Commodores
21. I cant get next to you - Mongo Santamaria

ps... As always download both parts to open .rar file

Friday, 1 May 2009

2 more old skool soundtracks pt 2...

1. Colors - Ice-T
2. Six Gun (44 Mag. Mix) - Decadent Dub Team
3. Let The Rhythm Run - Salt-N-Pepa
4. Raw - Big Daddy Kane
5. Paid In Full (Seven Minutes Of Madness-The Cold Cut Re-Mix) - Eric B. & Rakim
6. Butcher Shop - Kool G. Rap
7. Mad Mad World - 7A3
8. Go On Girl - Roxanne Shante
9. A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste - M.C. Shan
10. Everywhere I Go (Colors) - Rick James

2 more old skool soundtracks pt 1...

1. Chaka Khan - Can’t Stop The Street
2. LL Cool J - I Can’t Live Without My Radio
3. Kurtis Blow - If I Ruled The World
4. The Fat Boys - All You Can Eat
5. Debbie Harry - Feel The Spin
6. Sheila E. - Holly Rock
7. The Beastie Boys - She’s On It
8. Gap Band - Love Triangle
9. Full Force MD’s - Tender Love
10. Krush Groove Allstars - Krush Groovin’
11. The Fat Boys - Fat Boys
12. Run DMC - Sucker MC’s

Friday, 17 April 2009

the 3 best Old Skool sound tracks ever...Pt 3

1. Dion - The Wanderer
2. The Fearless Four - Rockin' It 
3. Grandmaster Flash - The Message 
4. Johnny Dynell - Jam Hot 
5. Rammelzee Vs. K-Rob - Beat Bop 
6. Sugarhill Gang - 8th Wonder 
7. The Treacherous Three - Feel The New Heartbeat 
8. Trouble Funk - Pump Me Up 

And finally part 3...

Ps... Sorry no info on the last two posts... The little one has been very ill :(

wigid ;)

the 3 best Old Skool sound tracks ever...Pt 2

01.melle mel and the furious 5 - beat street breakdown
02.the system - baptize the beat
03.afrika bambaataa and the soul sonic force - frantic situation .
04.juicy - beat street strut
05.sharon green lisa counts and debbie d - us girls
06.cindy mizelle - this could be the night
07.arthur baker - breakers revenge
08.jazzy jay - son of beat street
09.juicy - give me all
10.tina b - nothings gonna come easy
11.the treacherous three - santas rap
12.jenny burton - its alright with me
13.rockers revenge - battle cry
14.ralph rolle - phony four mcs wappin (bubblehead) la - into the night
16.4 by four - dont put the blame on me
17.jenny burton and patrick jude - strangers in a strange world
18.ruben blades - tu carino (carmens theme)
Heres part 2 for ya...

Part 1
Part 2

Thursday, 16 April 2009

The 3 best Old Skool sound tracks ever...Pt 1

First up we have the sound track to the seminal (and probably the best) Old Skool movie of all TIME...


To many highlights on this album to single out any in particular...
Although i do love "Double Trouble @ the Amphitheatre" and "Gangbusters-Scratch mix"

Anyway...Enjoy some of the founding fathers of Hip Hop...Doing what they do best ;)...

1. D.J. Grand Wizard Theodore - Military Cut 
2. D.J. Grand Wizard Theodore - M.C. Battle 
3. The Cold Crush Brothers - Basketball Throwdown 
4. D.J. Grand Wizard Theodore - Fantastic Freaks At The Dixie    
5. D.J. Grand Wizard Theodore - Subway Theme 
6. Grand Master Caz - Cold Crush Bros. at The Dixie 
7. Wild STyle - Cuckoo Clocking 
8. Double Trouble - Stoop Rap 
9. K.K. Rockwell - Double Trouble at The Amphitheatre 
10. Grand Master Caz - South Bronx Subway Rap 
11. Busy Bee - Street Rap 
12. Wild STyle - The Chief Rocker Busy Bee, D.J. AJ At The Amphitheatre 
13. D.J. Grand Wizard Theodore - Gangbusters Scratch Mix 
14. The Grand Mixer DST - Rammellzee And Shock Dell At the Amphitheatre 
15. Fab 5 Freddy - Down by Law

Sunday, 29 March 2009


So... Had this idea today to do a monthly mix... from myself and guests... of tunes we love to play "On a lazy sunday afternoon"

This first installment is a bit of a Balearic belter... With a few of my favorite Balearic tunes... (Crammed into an hour long mix)
Hope you all enjoy... And stay posted for part 2... From a thus far unmasked DeeJay ;)...


1. How ever do you want me (Acappella) - Soul II Soul
2. Only love can break your heart (Weatherall mix) - St Etienne 
3. First time ever (Mellow Groove) - Joanna Law
4. Why (12" version) - Carly Simon
5. The first cut is the deepest - Barbara Jones
6. Wax the van (Jon's Dub) - Lola
7. It's Sinful (Tribal mix) Pete Wylie
8. Running - Information Society
9. Visitors - Koto
10. Flash 83 - The Duke of Burlington
11. Precious little Diamond - Fox the fox
12. Pink footpath (Instrumental) - Louis
13. The whole of the moon - The waterboys

Enjoy...wigid ;)

Ps... As always download both parts to open .rar file...


Heres the link...

Monday, 16 March 2009


This month's episode is a mix of some of my favorite Goa/Psy-Trance tunes...
I have been listening to, and rediscovering a lot of Psy-Trance lately...
(Only when the wifes out though..She prefers it a bit funkier)
So for this mix, i've decided to pick out some of the tunes i loved to play back in the mid to late nineties... Which was almost impossible as their are so many favorites (i think i'll have to do a part 2...)
So get ready for a full on trip to paradise... ahhh so many memories

Bom Shiva...wigid ;)

1. Ancient Lands - Sheyba
2. Elysium - Elysium
3. Keep it Cool - Elysium
4. God's Eye - The Overlords
5. Biological Manipulation - The Manipulators
6. Beyond the Internal Horizon - Process
7. I Think - Disco Slickers
8. Project Oblivion - Conspiracy Theory
9. Slick Witch ( Slink remix) - Slinky Wizard
10. Beautiful People - Slinky Wizard
11. Sodom like there's no Gomorrah - Slinky Wizard
12. Nautilus (2007 remix) - Total Eclipse

(As always you must download both parts to open .rar file)