Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Imaginary Soundtrack...

Happy New Year everybody!!! Hope you all had a good one.
And if you did, heres a chillout set by myself to help sooooooth those jangled brain cells.
So prepare yourselves for some Downtempo, Jazz, Funk, Lounge, and Soundtrack obscurities 
Enjoy ;)

P.S. Sorry tracklist will follow. As soon as i pull my finger out!
But if you want to listen first check my podcast player at the bottom of the page
or visit my page at podomatic
Again thanks for the support and have a brilliant new year. 

Monday, 22 December 2008

Today i have mostly be listening to.....Part 6

Skeewiff's Breakbeat version of "The New Avengers" Theme


 The Laurie Johnson Orchestra's original version of  "The Avengers" Theme

Enjoy ;)

Sunday, 21 December 2008

today i have mostly be listening to.....Part 5

The Gotan Project's cover version of Frank Zappa's "Chunga's Revenge"

Enjoy ;)

Today i have mostly be listening to.....Part 4

The League Unlimited Orchestra's (AKA The Human League) 
"The things that dreams are made of"

Enjoy ;)

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Today i have mostly be listening to.....Part 3

Fleetwood Mac's full version of "Oh Well"

Friday, 19 December 2008

Today i have mostly be listening to.....Part 2

Hot 8 Brass Band's version of Marvin Gayes "Sexual Healing"
A Balearic classic!!!
enjoy ;)

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Today i have mostly been listening to..... part 1

One Dove's dubby version of Dolly Partons "Jolene"
Classic chooon!!!

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Best Dr Who cover ever ?.....

Just enough time for one more post before i'm off for the holidays.
And its a cracker!!!
Coldcuts live set for The Electric proms.
And the best version of the Dr Who theme i've ever heard (Maybe apart from the original Radiophonic Workshop one)
Sonic bliss :)

Coldcut via the Radiophonic Workshop

The original cut 'n' paste mavericks celebrate the legacy of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

01 Jam Part 1
02 Step
03 Doctor Who
04 Radiophonic Funk
05 Radiophonic Workshop Vespucci
06 Hi Tek Effex



Cheech and Chong "Santa Claus and his old lady"

Hi everybody, Im off to my parents for the holidays, so this will be the last post for a couple of weeks. id just like to say thanks for your support and comments (lol) no seriously, PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS its nice to hear from you!!!
So merry christmas to you all and enjoy this little bit of festive magic from Cheech and Chong
Ps...If you like Cheech and Chong check the comments on the "up in smoke" post as Lazy (from bloggersdelite)  has kindly left links to most of their albums (cheers again mate and merry xmas)

Friday, 5 December 2008

Ronny and Renzo "Hottest Hits Outernational 2 - Caribe Jive"

Awesome downtempo Balearica from Belgium's Ronny and Renzo
Been on constantly in the car, on my iPod, even had a chip inserted into my brain with it set to continuous play!
Love it...Enjoy ;)

intro: speech Norma Beecroft (Music Canada library)

1. Peter Phonix - Neverneverland
2. Rosebud - Main theme “More”
3. David Cassidy - Romance (Love Mix)
4. Ben Cook - Better Days
5. Frankie Valentine - Zumbie
6. Elektrosmog - Swiss Invader
7. Tokyo Black Star - Violent Rush
8. The Vanden Plas - Let's Stop

interlude: excerpt Electrographics (Music De Wolfe library)

9. Chris Bowden - Crockers & Killers (Palmskin remix)
10. Different Gear - untitled (from the “Part 4 & 5” twelve inch)
11. West India Co. - Ave Maria (extended version)
12. Okay Temiz - Denizalti R├╝zgarlari
13. James Last - Inner City Blues
14. Minako Yoshida - Monster Stomp
15. Jerry Harrison - Rev It Up (Wisconsin Dub)
16. Takis - Paris-Istanbul (Takis Beat)
17. Rick Van Der Linden - Game
18. Jah Wobble - Auguries Of Innocence
19. Brian Eno - Fractal Zoom (Small Country Mix)
20. Janko Nilovic - Visions Fantastiques

Part 1
Part 2