Friday, 17 April 2009

the 3 best Old Skool sound tracks ever...Pt 3

1. Dion - The Wanderer
2. The Fearless Four - Rockin' It 
3. Grandmaster Flash - The Message 
4. Johnny Dynell - Jam Hot 
5. Rammelzee Vs. K-Rob - Beat Bop 
6. Sugarhill Gang - 8th Wonder 
7. The Treacherous Three - Feel The New Heartbeat 
8. Trouble Funk - Pump Me Up 

And finally part 3...

Ps... Sorry no info on the last two posts... The little one has been very ill :(

wigid ;)

the 3 best Old Skool sound tracks ever...Pt 2

01.melle mel and the furious 5 - beat street breakdown
02.the system - baptize the beat
03.afrika bambaataa and the soul sonic force - frantic situation .
04.juicy - beat street strut
05.sharon green lisa counts and debbie d - us girls
06.cindy mizelle - this could be the night
07.arthur baker - breakers revenge
08.jazzy jay - son of beat street
09.juicy - give me all
10.tina b - nothings gonna come easy
11.the treacherous three - santas rap
12.jenny burton - its alright with me
13.rockers revenge - battle cry
14.ralph rolle - phony four mcs wappin (bubblehead) la - into the night
16.4 by four - dont put the blame on me
17.jenny burton and patrick jude - strangers in a strange world
18.ruben blades - tu carino (carmens theme)
Heres part 2 for ya...

Part 1
Part 2

Thursday, 16 April 2009

The 3 best Old Skool sound tracks ever...Pt 1

First up we have the sound track to the seminal (and probably the best) Old Skool movie of all TIME...


To many highlights on this album to single out any in particular...
Although i do love "Double Trouble @ the Amphitheatre" and "Gangbusters-Scratch mix"

Anyway...Enjoy some of the founding fathers of Hip Hop...Doing what they do best ;)...

1. D.J. Grand Wizard Theodore - Military Cut 
2. D.J. Grand Wizard Theodore - M.C. Battle 
3. The Cold Crush Brothers - Basketball Throwdown 
4. D.J. Grand Wizard Theodore - Fantastic Freaks At The Dixie    
5. D.J. Grand Wizard Theodore - Subway Theme 
6. Grand Master Caz - Cold Crush Bros. at The Dixie 
7. Wild STyle - Cuckoo Clocking 
8. Double Trouble - Stoop Rap 
9. K.K. Rockwell - Double Trouble at The Amphitheatre 
10. Grand Master Caz - South Bronx Subway Rap 
11. Busy Bee - Street Rap 
12. Wild STyle - The Chief Rocker Busy Bee, D.J. AJ At The Amphitheatre 
13. D.J. Grand Wizard Theodore - Gangbusters Scratch Mix 
14. The Grand Mixer DST - Rammellzee And Shock Dell At the Amphitheatre 
15. Fab 5 Freddy - Down by Law