Monday, 16 March 2009


This month's episode is a mix of some of my favorite Goa/Psy-Trance tunes...
I have been listening to, and rediscovering a lot of Psy-Trance lately...
(Only when the wifes out though..She prefers it a bit funkier)
So for this mix, i've decided to pick out some of the tunes i loved to play back in the mid to late nineties... Which was almost impossible as their are so many favorites (i think i'll have to do a part 2...)
So get ready for a full on trip to paradise... ahhh so many memories

Bom Shiva...wigid ;)

1. Ancient Lands - Sheyba
2. Elysium - Elysium
3. Keep it Cool - Elysium
4. God's Eye - The Overlords
5. Biological Manipulation - The Manipulators
6. Beyond the Internal Horizon - Process
7. I Think - Disco Slickers
8. Project Oblivion - Conspiracy Theory
9. Slick Witch ( Slink remix) - Slinky Wizard
10. Beautiful People - Slinky Wizard
11. Sodom like there's no Gomorrah - Slinky Wizard
12. Nautilus (2007 remix) - Total Eclipse

(As always you must download both parts to open .rar file)


  1. thank you wigid, its gorgerous, i love it!!! have a nice weekend.